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HyTek Medical – Allentown


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Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Are you in pain? Trouble sleeping? Full of stress and anxiety? Dealing with headaches or joint pain? Do you suffer from nervousness or experience panic attacks?

There are many methods available medically that treat these symptoms effectively. Modern medical marijuana therapies provide an alternative source for the effective treatment of pain and other ailments suffered by so many.

At Hytek Medical, our goal is to connect you with physicians committed to help get you better and allow you to experience a normal, pain free life again.

Hytek is an Allentown Medical Marijuana Clinic

Hytek is an online network that connects Allentown patients to a network of marijuana doctors in Pennsylvania who seek cannabis as an alternative way to medicate. The clinic’s network of online physicians are committed to help Allentown patients live their lives without being challenged with pain and discomfort. Hytek values patient confidentiality and is a safe and comfortable place for Allentown patients to make an appointment or walk-in to consult with the team of marijuana doctors.

Hytek’s team is run by dedicated marijuana doctors from across the United States. Each Hytek marijuana doctors has an established, reputable cannabis clinic and commits to bringing wellness through marijuana to the Allentown community.


To obtain a medical marijuana recommendation, Allentown patients must first navigate to the Hytek website and select the option for Pennsylvania, which will redirect them to a form to fill out. After qualifying patients have completed the appropriate fields, Hytek will connect them with a Pennsylvania marijuana doctor in their area. If the physician determines that the patient qualifies for medical cannabis, they will arrange an appointment at the marijuana clinic.

During the evaluation, Allentown patients will undergo a thorough medical marijuana evaluation with a certified cannabis doctor to determine if the benefits of marijuana outweigh the risk of potential harm. Qualifying patients will receive a physician’s certification to use cannabis and submit a patient’s application and $50 state processing fee to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. After the paperwork and fee have been processed, patients will be issued a medical marijuana identification card.

Local Legislation

The Department of Health oversees the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program under Act 16. The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program outlines the patient and caregiver registration process and responsible for issuing medical marijuana identification cards. Pennsylvania’s Department of Health is also responsible for registering medical marijuana organizations and regulate tax on medical marijuana gross receipts.

Service Locations

Hytek is located on South 14th Street between Hickory and Walnut Street and is happy to connect patients with marijuana doctors all across Allentown. The clinic welcomes qualifying patients from Allentown, Alton Park, Cetronia, Dorneyville, Emmaus, and Fountain Hill. Hytek extends their telemed services to patients in Bethlehem, Evergreen Park, Lanark, and Hellertown.

Initial $75
Follow-Up $45