Who We Are

Take Hemp 420 Friendly Business Platform is dedicated to delivering high quality, low cost, qualified leads, referrals and new customers to SMB’s (Small-Medium Businesses) in real time.

People searching for what you do , where you do it.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy: they create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. A new report shows that they account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity according the the SBA.
Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the American workforce, responsible for half the nation’s employment. So, those companies will be critical in reducing unemployment, and jobs will be a big factor in how quickly the economy can recover.

A creative and collaborative team of advertising, marketing and sales professionals have come together to help those SMB’s.   Take Hemp was started to help get those businesses new leads, more engagements and ultimately new customers.

We can’t do this alone.   List your business today.  Tell A Friend.  Spread the word.   We are counting on you. Thank you for your support.


“I don’t use Yellow Pages.
On a hot day in August 2010, a rogue new hire sales manager on his first day introduced himself this way to a room of more than 80 including Union Sales Executives , his new GM and management peers with years of Yellow Pages selling experience with Bell South. By 1 pm that afternoon, he sat in on his first Union Stewart mediation.

As the company changed from AT&T Advertising /Yellow Pages/YP.com, the service got worse. Sales offices throughout the country had high rates of churn and unmet customer expectations.  The company was sold and sales reps around the country were often selling without regard for the small businesses owner and the needs of their specific business.

There never would have been room for Yelp to enter the marketplace if AT&T understood the value of reaching the restaurant marketplace with value. If Sr Managers and directors were more concerned about the businesses instead of protecting the sales reps and general managers that were at the forefront of fraud and a quick 1 call close.  Fast forward 10 years later, business directories hold their place in the market, yet YP is hardly a brand that millennials know or use.

Our goal at Take Hemp is to leverage that experience and start a 420 Friendly Business Platform dedicated to delivering high quality, low cost, qualified leads and customer referrals in real time. People searching for what you do, where you do it.  Not a directory, but a platform and company that cares about the small business owner.   A company built on getting new business leads for its clients.


Building a network of businesses gives us the privilege to work with gifted and talented people in a world of diversity, inclusion and support. Take Hemp chooses to work with passionate, dedicated , responsive, positive, supportive, creative people and companies that foster a culture that empowers, encourages, and develops the people inspiring us now and those that will change the future for the better.

Our Mission

Simple.  To provide high quality , low cost leads to 420 friendly businesses.  Take Hemp is here to help your business grow.

Our Promise

Take Hemp promises to to be a valued marketing partner for the 420 Friendly businesses listed on our platform.

Our Value

We deliver low cost, highly targeted leads to businesses who are looking to grow.

Our Vibe

At Take Hemp, we work hard.  Behind the scenes, we are building an extended distribution network that will drive results for our advertisers for the long term.  We are a highly creative company that thrives on wins.  Wins for our clients and the referrals that will come with those successes.