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Harmony Dispensary Unclaimed

Harmony- New Jersey Medical Cannabis.

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New Jersey
Medical Cannabis.

Who We Are

CEO Shaya Brodchandel came from his other ventures in the medical science field to Harmony Foundation with a mission: to create a superior medicinal cannabis product for the patients of New Jersey. His goal was to bring the best agricultural technologies to the cultivation of medical cannabis. He traveled the world searching for the most advanced techniques for controlled environment production, finding technologies in Canada, Israel, and Holland, as well as right here in the USA. He sought out experienced cultivators from both coasts, and brought together a team of dedicated, passionate individuals who shared his mission.
Our Mission

Harmonys mission is to produce the highest quality medicinal cannabis possible. This intense focus on quality means we are always striving to improve our already stellar products. We are constantly bringing new cultivars to our patients, who seek diverse means to alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Our Cultivation Team

The members of our cultivation team have more than 50 years of collective cannabis growing experience. We use that expertise to produce the best possible products for our patients. We use our experience to select our cultivars through extensive phenotype searches, starting with curated seed stock. That means that our chosen phenotypes of each cultivar are completely unique and proprietary.


Our cultivation and production area is bio-secure, so there is no unfiltered exchange with the outdoor environment. This bio-security ensures the cleanliness of our products, which are free of both pathogens and pesticides. Everything produced at Harmony is tested by the state of New Jersey.


Harmony strives to make medical cannabis as accessible to our patients as possible. Our discount program is designed to make our patients medicine more affordable. We offer consultations and instruction for first time patients, and we have the knowledge and experience to consult with our most demanding connoisseur patients.

Our Dispensary Team

The members of our dispensary team are chosen for their passion, knowledge, and their desire to help others. Our goal is to educate our patients so they are able to acquire medication that works for their needs. Our dedication to helping others improve their quality of life can be felt at the very first visit, and this dedication will continue as you get to know our excellent team.

Easy Online Ordering

Harmony Dispensary is rolling out a new way to order! Our Curbside pick up is getting an upgrade, with online ordering. We have heard all of your feedback, and have made this change with our loyal patients in mind. Once you register, you will have fast and easy access to the medicinal marijuana products you need.

Real-time Inventory

No more hoping we have what you want in stock! Our online platform has real time inventory access, which lets you order what you want immediately. Our new system features up-to-the-second inventory accuracy, so you can shop with confidence.

Updated Look and Secure User Experience

It’s now much easier to find the exact product you’re looking for. Our system uses your previous orders to help you quickly and easily reorder your favorite products, without having to search around.


Q New Patients

In order to become a patient at Harmony, please Register on our new easy online ordering system. Once you register, you will be able to make your order online. No New Patient consultation is required.

Q Consultation

Our dispensary team is available to consult about our products, how you might want to use them, and to provide advice on infusing.

Q Product Availability

In an attempt to serve as many patients as possible, Harmony is releasing product inventory and pick-up appointments daily, six days a week (Sun - Fri).
Harmony has felt the increasing demand for a wider selection of products, and more product availability. So we have responded, making available products from other ATCs here at Harmony. We will continue to provide our high quality flower for our loyal patients, while also offering flower from other producers. More products and selection are on the way.

Q Available Discounts

We offer 10% discount for seniors, anyone on gov't assistance, first responders, veterans & industry. Up to 20% discount for those who qualify for two of these categories or patients that have a discount and a promotional discount and use the discount to purchase on Harmony products. Minor patients receive a 50% discount.

(Note: Maximum applicable discount for cartridges is 10%)

Q Payment

Currently, we accept Cash.
Debit payments are processed via Cashless ATM with a third party fee. Please Note: You are limited to your daily ATM withdrawal limit. Make sure to call your bank to adjust your limit if necessary.
For your convenience, we also have an ATM available for use with a third party fee.